Q Which is the most suitable timber for my staircase?

A The answer to that will depend on various factors, although generally the most suitable wood would be the same as the type of the existing wood used in your staircase.

Q How much would staircase restoration cost me?

A The cost of the staircase will depend on a number of factors like the scale of the project, the materials being used, the man-hours needed to complete the project. To provide an accurate estimate of the cost of your project, our professionals will have to evaluate the project first.

Q How do I choose the design for my staircase?

A Our designers have a wide array of designs you can choose from. If you have a particular design in mind then we can make it according to your specifications as well. Otherwise, our experienced professionals will provide their valuable insight and suggestions to choose the perfect design for your house.

Q How long will it take to renovate a staircase?

A This can only be determined on a case-by-case basis. The scale of the restoration required and the complexity of the project are key influencing factors that affect completion time. However, we do guarantee that the work will be completed within the shortest possible timeframe.

QHow do I clean my staircase?

A You can easily clean your stairs using warm water and mild detergent. Please be aware that it may cause a slipping hazard until the wet stairs completely dry up.

QCan I install stair parts that I already have with me?

A We cannot install stair parts made by others, as they may have been created with a different idea of installation than ours. It is also difficult to guarantee our workmanship on that either.

QWhat if I experience a problem with my new staircase?

A Please call us on 212-574-7984 if you experience any issues with your new staircase. Our experts will visit your property to fix the problem as soon as possible.

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