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Stair railings are not a mere safety feature. Custom baluster, railings and newels can make an outstanding style statement and add greatly to the aesthetic value of your space. Go traditional to add a cozy feel or rock the space with a rustic contemporary look or attain full functionality with a modern design, whatever your preference is we can create the right set of stair railings for you.

Explore your style to create a stair rail that can portray your thoughts in front of you. Modern glass, rustic wood or custom metal, choose the element of your choice to create an artistic piece of architecture.

Mix it up a bit, use combinations of different materials like wood and glass, metal and wood and more to establish depth and add specific texture hues to your design. Let us have a look at few innovative concepts you can use in your staircase designs.


A railing made from glass panels, outlined and placed neatly inside a metal frame helps give a modern look to your place and make the space look lively and airy.


Paint the balusters in vivid colors of a rainbow and rest of the staircase in white. It adds greatly to the railings with contrast and variety of vibrant colors in the mix.

Glass and Wood:

This works well for curves staircases. Wooden railing dipped in blond-tone on top of glass panels brings out complete elegance. Combined with same flooring it can present a flawless combination.

Modern Metallic:

Use this modern architecture style with white walls to make them pop out. The black treads in the railing are picked up by the modern metallic staircase.


Got a rustic room? Pair it up with rough wooden beams that will blend perfectly into the architectural elements. This design adds to the natural beauty and create an impressive visual impact.

We at Old World Stairs and Restoration provide you best service for custom baluster and railings. We work in accordance to the industry norms and main high quality standards in our projects. We are a well reputed name in manufacturing and restoration of designer railing baluster. Our products are widely accepted and used in different places such as homes, malls and offices.

We use materials of highest quality, procured from reliable vendors who have years of experience in the field. We can cater to all your needs and deliver supreme quality products at affordable prices. To know more about our services give us a call.

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