Reasons Why Your Wooden Staircase May Require Restoration

Have your stairs lost their earlier luster? Do you feel that they no longer enhance the interior decor of your home the way they used to.

If so, then it’s probably time for your to consider staircase restoration. It may seem like a daunting project but entrusted to the right professionals it can be finished efficiently and with minimal disruption.

Wooden Staircase


But, restoring your staircase to its former grandeur will cost you a bit of time and money. So how can you be sure that it’s time to bite the bullet and refurbish your stairs?

Here are the top reasons that can help you determine when it´s time for the restoration of your staircase.

Worn-out looks ‐ The constant use and traffic on the staircase over the years, wears out its looks. This is one of the major reasons why one should opt for restoring the staircase.

Scratches, cracks and holes on the staircase‐ Over the years, deep scratches, cracks and holes occur in wooden staircase. This ruins the overall look of the staircase, giving a bad appearance to the house.

Hence, this is why many people hire professionals to repair the scratches, holes, and cracks in the stairs.

Missing boards, finials, & spindles – This is another reason that requires the help of experts for staircase restoration. Any missing components such as boards, finials, and spindles are replaced, thus restoring the looks of stairways.

Water damage ‐ Water can cause severe damage to wooden stairways. If your staircase wood has also been damaged due to water or moisture, then you should seek a professional’s´ help to refurbish your stairs.

The aforementioned points elucidate the reasons behind the need of staircase restoration after a certain period.

Hiring of professionals is advisable for this purpose because they have the requisite experience, skills, and knowledge to restore your staircase to its former glory. Moreover, only experts can guarantee desired results.

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