Building codes for Well Designed Staircase

Staircase is commonly the well focal point of your home. Its style, shape and position depend on the available space. You can get it installed or manufactured keeping it simple or complex, straight or curve, wood or concrete, wide or narrow.  The specifications of a staircase principally depend on the general design and size of a place.

Building codes set a least for staircase width, but wider dimensions are also necessary. Other important considerations are listed below:

Square Footage

The total dimension being the length of the run length should occupy to complete the required rise. Staircases use noteworthy square footage by the time all the steps are placed, landings are located and headroom is cleared. As they require so much efficient staircase need to be designed. There should be a combination of comfort and efficiency that will fulfill the building code and increase the architectural look of the area.

Risers and Treads

The height of each riser is critical to stair design and width of each tread. All risers should be of exactly the same height so that they do not look awkward and to not difficult to ascend because we need proper rhythm to climb steps. Building codes also consent to equal height. The total height of the rise of a staircase is merely dependent on the height of the ceiling and depth of the upper floor. In case of taller ceiling more risers and treads are needed to make the staircase function.

Staircase Width

A width of a staircase of around 36 inch is mandatory for most building codes. This dimension actually depends on how the stairs will be used and if they will have an open railing or will be enclosed by walls. Make your staircase of about 48 inch if you want one person going up while one is coming down. An openhanded width and two landings make the staircase easy to navigate.

Work with the best design professionals for staircase manufacturing and installation and contractors to ensure that you have a successful and beautiful design.


Things To Consider Before Installing A Staircase

Installing a unique and attractive staircase to your house can greatly affect the overall look of your interior decoration. These days, homeowners look for some stylish and beautiful staircases to enhance the appearance of their house.

The staircase installation can also add value to your property. However, if you are thinking of installing staircases in your house, then make sure to consider below – mentioned tips to get the best of the service.


  • Budget – The installation of the stairs can prove to be a bit expensive. However, the cost depends upon the type of stairs you choose for your house. You can choose from different types of stairs such as spiral, curve, or straight staircase, all having different installation price. Therefore, always make sure to look at the price before finalizing to avoid any future expenses.
  • Material – Choose the type of material you want for your staircase. These days, wooden staircases are in huge demand. This is because, the wooden staircases can easily go with any type of interior. You can also choose from different types of woods available.
  • Location – The location where you want your staircases to be installed should be chosen carefully and while keeping the advice of experts in mind. Whether you want the staircases in the corner of the room or you want them in middle, decide according to the space available in the room.

    However, if you are confused and unable to decide, it is better to consult a professional. The professionals can guide you and assist in installing the appropriate staircase in your house.

You must consider all the aforementioned factors to make your stair installation project a lot easier. Do not ever compromise with the material and types of stairs, as it can prove fatal for you as well as your family members.

How To Choose a Reliable Staircase Manufacturer?

If you want to make your house your dream home, then you should lay emphasis on home décor. Undoubtedly, it takes a lot of effort, money, and time to build the house of your dreams with the best of decors and interiors. But the results are worth it.

Staircase Manufacturer

Besides beautiful interiors, building unique and stylish designer staircase is also important to make your home more attractive. And designing beautiful stairways, calls for a professional staircase manufacturer.

Choosing from the myriad of staircase manufacturers is difficult. You need to make a wise decision while choosing a staircase manufacturing and installation service provider for your stair design.

Before hiring a staircase manufacturer, you should always go through their catalogues. Taking a review of their sample work will provide you an idea about their quality of work.

You should also discuss what sort of stairs you would like for your home, the material, the design, the handrails etc. If you do not have any idea about how your stairs should look like then let the staircase manufacturer do it for you!

Your stairways manufacturer will provide you a list of designs (Traditional, Contemporary, Victorian) from which you can easily choose the most suitable design according to your requirements.

In case, you want a customized staircase, you can ask your manufacturer for it. He will make sure to turn your specifications into reality.

While choosing a staircase design, you should also consider your budget. If there is no budget constraint, then you can go for exceptionally beautiful designs of stairways.

But, if you are looking for cost effective stairways, then you can ask your staircase manufacturer to provide you the options that fit in your range, according to your likes and dislikes.

So, to find a reliable stairways manufacturer do proper survey, take recommendations from friends and family members´, or search on the web.

Choose a reliable staircase manufacturer and build the home of your dreams!

Whom to entrust with Staircase installation

What is the most striking feature of your home´s interior decoration? Is it the furniture, the floors or the wall décor? If the answer to the first question is not ´my staircase´, then there is a world of improvement that you can make in your home´s interior decoration.

A well-designed and installed staircase can add a unique majesty to any house. If it has been made from high quality wood and other materials which have been finished to smooth perfection, then it can endow your home with a classy sophistication that will be immediately apparent to any visitor.

But staircases must be designed keeping in mind a lot of factors that vary from building to building. How much room you have in your house for a staircase and what sort of design you wish to have installed are very relevant questions which will influence the type of design and the kinds of material that would be used in the manufacture, installation and finishing of the staircase.

This sort of keen appraisal cannot be left to untrained eyes. In fact, no part of the process of making a staircase should be entrusted to inexperienced hands. This is a work for skilled craftsmen who have honed their talents through years of executing successful projects.

A skilled professional is the only person you can rely on when it comes to getting a beautiful staircase installed in your home. However, this poses the question of how one would go about finding such skilled professionals. Fret not, in the age of the Internet these kinds of searches have become very convenient.

You can begin by searching online for reliable and experienced people who provide staircase manufacturing and installation services near your location. If you live in or near a major city such as New York then a number names should pop up. Among these, you can choose the one that has the best record of successful jobs and provides the services at reasonable rates with a guarantee of quality.

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